BORA is a law firm headquartered in Caracas with international reach. The knowledge and experience of its members allow it to address conflicts with a global vision, taking the role of the litigator to another level.

At BORA we specialize in judicial and arbitration litigation, as well as in the negotiation and resolution of complex matters that require careful attention, proven expertise and a high degree of skill.

BORA was born from the strategic alliance of the Law Firms Brando & Asociados, and Rodriguez-Ochoa & Asociados, combining a broad experience in civil and commercial litigation, with high-level expertise in transnational matters.

For BORA, our clients legal problems are addressed within the framework of their personal, commercial and financial objectives, adapting strategies to the size of the case, the jurisdictions involved and the clients capabilities.

We protect our clients interests in all areas and instances. Our overall strategic vision is to employ the right resources at the right time, to provide solutions quickly and efficiently. We offer creative strategies that combine aggressive tactics with negotiation skills.

At BORA we also take advantage of our experience as litigators and specialists in local and international matters, to offer corporate assistance based on the prevention of litigation and choice of means of resolving potential conflicts.

Our experience in appropriate means of dispute resolution allows us to offer mediation and assisted negotiation services, providing the client with the most advanced tools in conflict resolution.

Likewise, our activity in transnational litigation and in the field of asset recovery resulting from fraud or corruption has allowed us to form part of networks integrated by specialized law firms in the most important cities of the world, which enables us to plan and execute litigation and negotiation strategies in a global context.

Another comparative advantage of BORA is to offer tailored solutions for each business on the basis of an appropriate knowledge of the economic business activity.

At BORA we are committed to the country and to society. We provide our services free of charge to foundations and other social aid organizations with the same professional quality.

Members of BORA have been founders and active collaborators in foundations that have had a high impact in the country, such as Fundación Hogar San Luis and Fundación Santa en las Calles.

Likewise, BORA members have collaborated pro bono in the study and drafting of law proposals, with the aim of improving the Venezuelan legal system.